Tiger Qigong will strengthen your kidney

Hi, Ryogetsu is writing.

Yesterday I wrote;

Tiger is the winter animal in Five Animals Qigong, so it really fits our mind and body in this winter season.

Today I will explain more details about Tiger Qigoing.

Ancient Chinese recognized the world by “Five Elements (Wu-Xing)”.
HUA-TUO (calling “KADA” in Japanese), the founder of Five Animals Qigong, created Animals Qigong based on this Five Elements Theory.

In winter, we eat foods to store nutrients preparing for spring, but on the other hand the flow of moisture in our body tends to stagnate.

So, in winter, it is so necessary to make the flow of water in the body smooth.

Water that continues to flow does not freeze… The human body is like this, so we need certain Qigong to make the flow of water in our body smooth.

That’s Tiger Qigong, or Taichi with tiger movement.

— Top photo is Tiger back to home after meals. The movement strengthen bone marrow fluid, and makes the flow of it smooth.

Tiger Qigong has the attributes of Water Element in the Five Elements Theory, and strengthen the kidneys – the internal organs with attributes of Water Element.

Kidney Massage of Animals Qigong

— Above photo is Kidney Massage. This also helps to maintain the kidneys.

Let’s play Tiger Qigong in this cold season !


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    Bear climbing tree
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    Tiger Jump!